The Little Shop of Joy

She evokes joy in every motion, in every word.
Such joy that bubbles up, springs out, like fireworks.
How should I express it?

Like sparklers held in a child’s hand!
Do you remember the joy you felt, right there at arm’s reach?
Nothing else in that moment mattered!

If you could see her eyes sparkle when she sees me,
You would know this is no imitation, no artifice,
The joy is real!

Solicitous, with honest care, “How are you?” She asks.
Every time I walk into the store . . . I am better just seeing her.
Her Joy is palpable, emphatic!

“What do you think this is?” I ask, small, heavy,
Pewter things, made by hand. “Salt shakers,” She declares!
“Or this small oblong tray? “A butter dish,” She proclaims!

Going first to seek out bargains, fill time, a distraction
Now I go to search for books, or small things I have a feel for.
But I leave feeling so much better, and I find so much more!

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