Words Tell It All

What more can be said?
There is a universe of more, of greater!
Words are not alone, they are chased,
They are hounded by feeling, by tone.
They fill and are filled by experience.
A word alone has meaning, but that
Meaning changes with time, with
Context, with who you are, with
All that makes you, all that shapes you.
Words themselves can shape you.
They can pull and push.
They can harm, they can heal.
Many words have come to us over
Long distances and much time.
They grow and change like our children.
They help us tell the world who we are.
They tell others how we feel.
Words protect us, defend us, connect us.
They are a call for help, an expression of joy
Articulate, utter, state, iterate,
Rejoice or pray,
Words tell it all.

One thought on “Words Tell It All

  1. Keith Overstreet says:

    Oh dear Poet Brother Patrick and Sage of the hidden magic of words! This poem is magnificent! You have done what very FEW poets can do – you have clothed the fiery Love of Creation into the robes of letters and characters! But they dance, they sing, they articulate, they plead; like children they crave for the conscious Temple of the Heart and Mind to notice and praise their Sacredness! Shapeshifters! Magicians! My brother, you already know – the Poet is the Soul of the World; the traveler between the dimensions and layers of deep, profundity – disguised from the world as “words” but known to you as MAGIC!

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