To Think of Love

To think of love, a blessed gift
I’ll do nothing to hold it back
I want nothing to separate this from me

To go on and on
To live from it
To live by it
For this one thing
Was I brought forth
As if by birth

Once experienced
Once known
Nothing else has substance in my life
To love and be loved

How can a mountain live without its dirt and rocks
Or an ocean without its water and sand
Can a flower bloom without seed to spring from
Or a child walk without feet
Can a man see the earth without his eyes
Is there color without light
Or stars without night
Is there wrong without right
Can there be truth without the spirit of truth
Can a word be known if it is never spoken
Is there breath without life

Did I allow myself to love you
No, it is nothing one can master
No one has control

It is an unbound force
Filling every moment, every breath, every thought
There is no way to let or not let
This power consume me
It is eternal
It is within me

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