From that time
When I was scooting around on my belly
Pushing awkwardly
With toes and knees, such was my only propulsion

Seeking meaning in corners
Under beds and baskets
But easily pained
As frequent tears and helpless cries revealed

Imagination yet unveiled
As experience and explanation waited
And then as greater vision grew
Imagination soon ascended and recognition dawns

About the time
When legs and balance found their proper footing
Change seemed always upon me
With new learning required, demanding my attention.

The innocence of ignorance soon gone
Lost in too much knowing
A vacancy filled by chaos
Brain stalled by the clutter of madness

No longer buoyed up
By new delights or first sensations
All seemed tarnished by excesses
But once again, recognition dawns

I could see beauty spring from finger tips
As oiled pigments jumped from brushes
And words became more than demands
With cadence, voice or rhyme

Learning gave new light
As darkness faded and imagination grew
Each revelation built one upon the other
As from cells all flesh emerges new

Change is ever present
Or no order should resolve, no structure, frame, or form
It moves us, frightens us,
But of necessity, turning us in, to unfamiliar paths

Self-organized like birds flocking,
Bees swarming, coordinating masses
Such are sheep and fish
And in their own time, such are trees

We should flock, naturally fit
Find ways to mend, address complaint
Without the arrogance and greed of our decent
imagine all the good

Some, myself included, fear
A hollowed out return to the clutter of madness
To toe and knee as our only means of propulsion
But once again, recognition dawns

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