Unconscious Mind

Plunging into the unconscious mind
What should I expect to find but darkness there
Not so . . . I find much more
Underneath all those assumptions
All those certainties, and disbelief
I find true self, not hidden, but
Somehow in a different language
It is all I have ever been
It is all I will ever become
I am generated from here
Though I cannot guess one word
Wait now, wait just a moment more
And from that brevity, I understand
A thin sliver of recognition, of me
My suppositions are bent, muted, amplified
By a history full of experiences and notions
And rules like roots to my unconscious being
A Morse code signaling subliminal cues
Yet deeper in complexity
More like that of a spirited ghostly code
My own internal computer running, humming
In the background of my conscious mind
Reminding me that what I really meant
What I really believe is much different
From what I first suspected
To understand who I am, I must first understand
That other self, hidden deep inside me

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