A Perception of Resemblances


To see a word is different from feeling
A word or knowing its meaning today
It could feel different tomorrow
It could feel the same
Sometimes it takes more than one
To say what one cannot say and
Sometimes it may take a few or
Even many, depending on how
Difficult the saying has become
I wonder, at times like this if there
Is a word or words for every feeling
We might live, for everything we
Want to say or need to say or
Maybe it’s just a puzzle we need to
Solve, moving words around until
They fit the mood we’re in, like
Painting pictures or building visions
In our heads, though truth it may
Not be, and then it vanishes,
Fades away like fog at sunrise, or
Color at sunset, how many words
Get trapped or lost this way
I know I have lost many, yet how
Many still remain like fine sand
Running out of time
The words are there, I just cannot
Retrieve them when they are needed
Was it a word I was looking for, or
Was it a feeling, or was it
Something more?
Perhaps a metaphor.

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