Things seem long to us,
Longer than time itself.
It is as if there were no end
Between Monday and Friday
Or this day and the next,
Even though we know
Our days will pass before
We discover all the answers,
Before we read every book,
Or name every star, and
Dare we look back?
What did all those others think⸻
The builders of the Parthenon,
The Sphinx, or the great ziggurats
Of Ur? There are thousands more.
Where are these people now?
Has time changed for them?
And though we scurry around
Like hungry rats, tapping on keys,
Touching screens . . .
It may seem so,
But time has not changed.
Judge by the moon and stars.
We move, we shift, we twist and
Turn from side to side.
We glance over our shoulders.
We reset our clocks,
And wonder where time has gone.

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