The Open Door

Just a glimpse through
An open door leaves us
Guessing how much more
Might be revealed should
That door be opened
Wide to revelation’s light
What further truths might
Be exposed, made known
Or would our eyes remain
Clouded by imagination,
Presumption, assumption,
A desire for elation, a secret
Revealed, or would it still
Remain a mystery,
So many clues, so many
Dead-end paths leading
Where, to what, or who
Or would we tire soon
Seeking meanings left
By chance, unintended,
Alone, or dangled, crystal
Bobble, sparkling bright
To blind our wide eyes,
Mislead, with deliberate
Deceit or false persuasion
And though the door may
Open wide and all those
Surfaces are revealed, how
Much, below those surfaces,
Remains concealed, buried
Under all those surfaces,
Hard or soft or indefinite
In all those places we still
Can’t see,
Can’t appreciate,
Can’t imagine or
Comprehend . . .

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