The Feeling We Have Now

We have feelings for each other
They are good feelings wonderful feelings as I listen
To my favorite music, yes special feelings
I never want to lose these feelings
They are the feelings we have now
But feelings are so easy to lose
Looking in the wrong direction
Thinking or saying something wrong
Just changing from words to seeing
Face-to-face, flesh instead of words
Have you ever felt that way of wanting?
To keep the feeling, we have now?
But how do you grow if nothing changes?
How do we know it’s worth the
Emotional investment if we don’t test it?
Is it possible to just let it happen?
Is it possible?
I know I am strong
I can bear it if I am wrong
But I don’t want to be wrong
I know I am falling for you
Can I have it all?
Can I have this feeling I have now?
And still, have you?

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