Somewhere Else

Yes, Somewhere else
I am not where I want to be,
Or where my heart screams I should be
I am somewhere else
I told you I am a poet
My poet’s heart is on fire
My poet’s heart is gasping for breath
Constricted in pain
Starving for your sweet medication

The piano notes so bluesy light
So dancing smooth
And held so tight

God, my soul is opened up
Stricken, torn, wounded wide
Each key screaming out
Its own tight wire tone
Eave’s apple eaten well
Eaten deeply, bite by bite

You said you wanted to know
What it felt like to be truly loved
So now you are

It doesn’t always feel as good
As one imagines it should
Especially when the one you love
Is out of reach
I don’t think you really know
How much I want you right now
Yes right now
I shake with just the thought of you
If someone ever asks if it is worth the risk
I can only answer ⸻There is no risk
She will always be my green-eyed lady
She made me believe in her
Whatever I have shared with her now
Is much more than I could ever expect from this life
I love her and she loves me
I can never lose because
I will never ask for more than she has already given me
⸻There is no risk
I have already won

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