An unseen mist of substance
A mystery, a nameless spirit
With irresistible power.

Its presence is immediate
Positive, emotive, repulsive
Its effect is there before we can confront it

The world is filled, flooded, over-run
With its tones and tints, its silence
And its exaltations

I collect my memories in smells
As sharply now as first encountered
More than sixty years ago

I can still smell the heat rising
From the dark asphalt and the
Yellow thistles along the road

The heavy smoking scent of incense
Filling Harry’s apartment, stronger than
The jangling beads or ancient history lesson

You can smell a food before you taste it
A bakery beckons long before its’ seen
How dark the chocolate that I breath

And still though aged now my passion soars
With youthful fervor a bouquet blooms
As light reveals truth among the shadows

Fragrance of potions, blends and sachets
The temptresses to our fallen angel
Pheromones triggering desire

How much more could be required
With mints and lavenders at our door
All is scent and nothing more

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