Knowing or Not Knowing

If it is a question of which, do we know
Or do we not know? Why should it matter?
When one thinks they know, some doubt
Always remains. No perfect knowledge
Exists. There is always another question.
As each step in knowing matures, we only
See a broader world holding more mysteries
More unnamed colors, more fine degrees of
Meaning. We now have more to choose from
And as we make those choices, we change the
World we once thought we knew, and now
While there is more to know, we know less.
And so it continues. Each new understanding
Leading to a greater universe of questions.
Like old maps, we look at them and
Know so much is missing. We know
We cannot depend on them. There was so
Much those early mapmakers did not know.
But while we could not see it then, we
Know it now. And still, we do not know
How much we do not know.

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