A World of Ideas

Our minds ablur with endless thinking,
Our libraries full of words
But few have found dialogue with text
Or chose to move from thought alone
To ideas and where the meanings fit

How else can we or others learn
What waits our eyes so patiently?
From eye to mind, our reason yearns
The secrets others choose to share
Though telling may bring tears

Not just tales, though truth be told
Tales tell of certain truths
And if we listen carefully
We find such things unimaginable
Such things that fill our souls

Our minds in constant motion bright
Make meaning hard to find
Focus lost in chaos yet I know myself
Someone wrote the words that fill
The books stacked high on every shelf

It seems such disrespect to own
But never crack a cover
So many, it should not surprise us
Are filled with ideas we‘d never
Otherwise, discover.

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